PERFWARE, LLC - Newtown Square, PA

April 2007 - Present

Independent Consultant

- Full Technology Skillset Technologist/Architect/Developer/QA

- Best Practices Proponent/Coach

- Diverse software and hardware background, an integrator, a liaison

- Emphasis on High Performance and Quality

- Assist problem projects/teams to get back on track

- A tenacious problem solver

- Quickly acquires new tech

- Promotes and/or builds tools for team

- Strong Project Management Expertise

- Strong Iterative Development Expertise

- An effective communicator, I maintain a daily Journal, Project List, Top of Mind list



DexMedia/DexYP - May 2016 - Present

Energage - Oct 2018 - Present

MRO Corp - Oct 2012 - Present

International SOS Assistance, Inc. - Aug 2014 - Dec 2017

Pingup - Jun 2017 - Nov 2017

Susquehanna International Group, LLP - 2004 - Jun 2015

Yellowbook/Hibu - 2007 - Aug 2014

Ticketleap - Nov 2008 - Nov 2009

October 2001 December 2004

- Pharma/Clinical Study - Role: Enterprise Architect

- Managed Care Company - Role: Enterprise Architect

- Patient Safety Company - Role: Technical Advisor

- Restaurant - Role: Ecommerce Internet Consultant

- Local University - Role: Internet Security Consultant


Partial Project List

Architect, developer

- Developed a high speed messaging bus, and MVC application with plugin support to ensure financial regulation compliance (C++, C#)

- Developed a server-side BOT Framework (C#)


Architect, developer, liaison, advisor

- Architected/Developed a high performance substitution web proxy utilizing Netty (Contributor), hosting @2,000 customer web sites (40k RPS), outperforming legacy sites (Java)

- Architected/Developed a ESB/SOA platform using JBoss ESB (Contributor, MVP Candidate), supporting asynchronous, and synchronous access, exposed internally, partners, and vendors (Java)

- Architected/Developed an Enterprise Monitoring Solution, replacing JON for JBoss App, ESB, and SOA servers (Java)

- Multiple spike white papers authored, including proper use of AMQ under Karaf/Fuse (Java)


Architect, liaison, developer, coach

- Integrated a replacement Cold Fusion Engine, transparently integrating OWASP/ESAPI logic into BlueDragon (contributor) (Java)

- Assisted other teams in integrating OWASP/ESAPI best practices into ASP.NET web applications (C#)

- Developed file verification services, to verify the integrity of raster, vector, office, and other document types (Java)

- Architected/Developed Uber Integration Services (C#)

- Architected/Developed a custom Google Analytics Reporting Platform, consisting of a Windows service and remote clients which allowed users to create and schedule reports (C#)


Architect, liaison, developer, coach

- Developed a high performance ADT HL7 processing service, which handles 1.4M incoming payloads per day using Mirth Connect (originally Mule) (Java, JavaScript, C#)

- Developed multiple adjunct Windows Services to address enterprise monitoring, WPF Dashboard, and regulatory file archival (C#)

- Developed a Virtual Printer, embedded ASP.NET Web Server, MVC (TIF, PDF) (C#)

- Developed an integration layer with Epic Healthcare Framework, WCF, ASP.NET (C#)

- Multiple Technical Spikes and Department Guidance Documents (advanced due diligence)



- Developed a web accessible APIs used for online appointments, using Java Play, leveraging asynchronous operations (Java)


Project manager, architect, liaison, developer, QA, problem solver, performance czar, partner negotiations

- Provided application architecture guidance to improve performance and stability (AWS S3, RDS, EC2, LB, Lambda, AWS CLI, Cloudwatch).

- Acting as performance czar, I was instrumental in taking an ill performance micro-service framework from 250 RPS to over 7000 RPS.

I worked within all tiers, involving CheckPoint (firewall), Citrix (NetScaler), Kong, and Openresty to identify and resolve performance and stability obstacles (Java, Node.js/Angular, Lua, C++).

Hosted in AWS

- Developed numerous tools, including a network multicast diagnostic tool for EHCache, and a TCP packet parsing tool (Java, C#)

- Performed advanced due diligence HTTP 2.0 (h2, h2c)

- Performed advanced Circuit Breaker due diligence (Java, C#, Lua, Node.js/Angular)

- Authored shared libraries, including:

           - Developed JMX Instrumented http client library to assist mobile group (Java)

      - Developed a high performance IP Blocking Library (node.js)

- Developed a Cluster Monitoring solution used to identify GC issues (Java)

- Developed a continuous feed service from 3rd party API, dynamically generating a response schema to be fed into Tableau (node.js)

- Mentored a Real time bidding Platform (Java) - assisted in stabilizing, mentored team, and meet SLA performance goals


Architect, developer

- Embedded Development

     - C++

- Arduino, Teensy, Raspberry, Atom, CE

- Encoders, Servo, Stepper

- Sensor acquisition: accelerometer, gyroscope, particle, flow, gas, radiation (α, β)

- Vision/image processing

- IOT, Bluetooth, RF, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

- MATLAB data processing

- Azure web apps, Functions, Event Hub


Best Practices Proponent

- Selecting an appropriate ADM or a suitable variant

- Selecting an appropriate SDLC

- Collaboration/Issue/Communication Environment

- SCM Best Practices

- Coding Standards and Code Inspection/Review

- Robust Non-functional Requirements Analysis

- Standardized Environment Configurations

- Docker/Virtual/Cloud

- Suitable Runtime Environments

- Continuous build/deployment

- Design for Change

- Self Recovering Platforms and/or Applications

- Scalability, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery Plans

- Proper Trend Capture, Logging and Monitoring

- Unit/Integrated/Load/Stress/Automated Testing

- Authoritative Test Environment

- Proper DevOps+QA+NetOps+EnvOps+DataOPs+SecOps coordination from the onset

- Proper budgeting

- Peer Mentoring


Home Office

-    Ive used VMWare for over 15 years, all business and development environments are virtual