PERFWARE, LLC - Newtown Square, PA - April 2007 - Present

Owner/Independent Consultant

Expert technologist, with a focus on robust kick-out-the-plug resilient architectures and high-performance implementations.  

Best practices proponent/coach philosophy across a diverse software and hardware backgrounds, often an integrator, and technical liaison.

Assisted multiple problematic projects/teams to get back on track. When required, a hands-on tenacious problem solver, and mentor. 

Strong project management expertise across multiple methodologies including iterative development.

An effective communicator, a teacher, maintaining a daily Journal, and author of multiple whitepapers.

Experience across multiple verticals, advertising, financial, medical, and a holder of secret 6C clearance.



PHEAA – Feb 2020 – Present

Enterprise architect, solutions architect, mentor/coach, performance architect, developer, QA, DevOps (IaC), project manager




AWS to AWS Control Tower migration

Architect/developer/DevOps for centralized monitoring and logging.

Mainframe to AWS guidance

Performance/stability architect, coaching, provided solutions, tuning guidance, instrumentation expertise.  Developed multiple custom agents, and DevOps tools, including authoring a COBOL to PostgreSQL function compiler.

AWS to Splunk Logging Architecture/Implementation

Architect and developer of robust asynchronous scalable solution to forward CloudWatch logs to Splunk (v1.0 - decentralized, v2.0 - centralized).

Best Practices Evangelist

Performance/stability architect, developer, and DevOps - promoting techniques that promotes AWS Well-Architected Pillars.





EC2, Lambda, EKS, S3, IAM, AMI, EBS, EFS, RDS, Aurora, ElastiCache, CloudWatch (logs, metrics, rules, alarms), SQS, SNS, CloudTrail, ElasticSearch, Kinesis, SecretsManager, AD, WorkSpaces, KMS, Macie, Terraform, CloudFormation, Systems Manager, Agent, VPC, Endpoints, Peer, Route 53, gitlab, MuleSoft, OpenShift, Splunk, etc.




Java, Node.js, Python, Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.


DexMedia/DexYP – May 2016 – Jul 2021

Project manager, Enterprise architect, liaison, mentor/coach, developer, QA, problem solver, performance czar, DevOps, partner negotiations




Thryv Estimator

Solution architect, developer, coach: multiple releases, mentored development team to improve performance and stability.

Partner Integration Framework

Performance/solution architecture: improve performance and stability. Instrumental in taking an ill performance unstable micro-service framework from 250 RPS to over 7000 RPS sustained. Involved in all tiers, involving CheckPoint (firewall), Citrix (NetScaler), Kong, and Openresty to identify and resolve performance and stability obstacles (Java, Node.js/Angular, Lua, C++).  Guidance to properly monitor, robust redundancy and auto recover from issues.


Later guidance porting from AWS to Azure (cost savings). Refactored architecture and POC demonstrating containerizing to K8S (still meeting 7000 RPS).

Mobile Search (assistance)

Authored shared libraries, including: JMX Instrumented http client library to assist mobile group (Java). Developed a high-performance IP Blocking Library (Node.js).

Solaris to Linux port (assistance)


Developed custom DevOps tools, including a network multicast diagnostic tool for EHCache, and a TCP packet parsing tool (Java, C#). 

Centralized configuration library to stabilize 100’s of servers.

Partner Feed

Architected/developed a continuous feed service from 3rd party API, dynamically generating a response schema, fed into mongo, and Tableau (node.js).

Realtime Bidding Platform

Mentored team responsible for a Real time bidding Platform (Java) - assisted in stabilizing, coaching and meet SLA performance goals (2k RPS).

Best Practices Evangelist

Developed a Cluster Monitoring solution used to identify issues (Java).

Performed advanced due diligence HTTP 2.0 (h2, h2c) for multiple teams.

Blue/Green graceful best practices.

Multiple cost reduction efforts (AWS).

Contributed to Open-Source Community.





AWS, Dynatrace, New Relic


Datacenters (DR), AWS, Azure, and VMWare


Java, Python, Node.js, Lua, C++, CloudFormation, bash


Energage – Oct 2018 - Present

Performance/stability architect, developer, QA, problem solver




Paycom HRIS Integration

Employee synchronization between client and Energage (Azure)

HRIS Integration (multiple)

Employee synchronization between client and Energage using Workato

Web Products Stability & Performance (assistance)

Provided performance/stability expertise, authored code to instrument and address stability and performance issues.

Survey Slack BOT

Energage Client to Slack Integration





Resource groups, queues, topics, service bus, storage table, etc., Workato.




C#, Python



MRO Corp – Oct 2012 - Present

Architect, developer, QA, problem solver




Custom Enterprise Service Bus

Architected/Developed a .NET Microservice framework to process requests asynchronously (C#).

Admit/Discharge HL7 endpoint for multiple hospitals

Architected/Developed a high-performance distributed ADT HL7 service that processes 3.0M incoming payloads per day using Mirth Connect (originally Mule) (Java, JavaScript, C#).

Developed multiple adjunct Windows Services to address enterprise monitoring, WPF Dashboard, and regulatory file archival (C#).

Virtual Printer

Architected/Developed Virtual Raster/PDF printer for health care institutions.

EPIC Integration

Architected/Developed an integration layer with Epic Healthcare Framework, WCF, ASP.NET (C#).


Architected /Developed an IP, SP initiated reference to be integrated into web product(s).


Developed framework for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource integration.

Best Practices Evangelist

DB ORM reference design/POC.

Web Report Pagination technique.

Best Practice DB Transaction access.

Migrated HL7 to PostgreSQL, providing tuning, deployment, monitoring framework.

Monitoring/Logging best practices.





Azure, Window Servers


Datacenter, Azure


C#, Java, Perl


International SOS Assistance, Pingup, Susquehanna International Group, LLP, Yellowbook/Hibu, Ticketleap

Project manager, architect, liaison, coach, developer, QA, problem solver




Financial Messaging

Architected/Developed a high-speed messaging bus (XMPP, SIP), and MVC application with plugin support to ensure financial regulation compliance (C++, C#)

Financial Messaging

Architected/Developed a server-side BOT Framework (C#)


Architected/Developed a high-performance substitution web proxy utilizing Netty (Contributor), hosting @2,000 customer web sites (40k RPS), outperforming legacy sites (Java)

Corporate Enterprise Service Bus

Architected/Developed an ESB/SOA platform using JBoss ESB (Contributor, MVP Candidate), supporting asynchronous, and synchronous access, exposed internally, partners, and vendors (Java)

Corporate Monitoring Framework

Architected/Developed an Enterprise Monitoring Solution, replacing JON for JBoss App, ESB, and SOA servers (Java)

Due Diligence

Multiple spike white papers authored, including proper use of AMQ under Karaf/Fuse (Java)

Security Integration

Integrated a replacement Cold Fusion Engine, transparently integrating OWASP/ESAPI logic into BlueDragon (contributor) (Java)

Best Practices

Assisted other teams in integrating OWASP/ESAPI best practices into ASP.NET web applications (C#)

Analytics Reporting Platform

Architected/Developed a custom Google Analytics Reporting Platform, consisting of a Windows service and remote clients which allowed users to create and schedule reports (C#)


Developed a web accessible APIs used for online appointments, using Java Play, leveraging asynchronous operations (Java, AWS)







Java, Python, GO


PERFWARE, LLC - Newtown Square, PA - Jun 2001 – Dec 2004

Owner/Independent Consultant

Pharma/Clinical Study Role: Enterprise Architect & Developer

Managed Care Company Role: Enterprise Architect & Developer

Patient Safety Company Role: Technical Advisor

Restaurant Role: Ecommerce Internet Consultant

Local University Role: Internet Security Consultant


Home Office

Virtualization: VMWare consumer @ 20 years; all business and development environments are virtual.

Hosting two 32GB, 1 TB SSD, 3.2Ghz 6 Core I7 running multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux), dual KVM/monitors.

4 Buffalo NAS drives, 1 Synology NAS DS220+, Multiple UPS for office and server closet.

Internet: FIOS - 1 Gbit, COMCAST – 600 Mbit (backup)

Subscriptions: MSDN Enterprise (AD, Workspaces), Office 365, Slack, Teams, Mission Kit, Cloud Subscriptions: AWS, Azure, Google



Robotics: Arduino, Teensy, Raspberry, Atom, CE, Encoders, Servo, Stepper Motors.

Sensor acquisition (asbestos, radon): GPS, accelerometer, pressure, gyroscope, particle, flow, gas, radiation (a, ß).

Vision/image processing.

IOT, Bluetooth, RF, Ethernet, Wi-Fi.

MATLAB data processing.